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Three Bowls of Porridge

I had to take like a month off from doing game dev work to spend some time on the paying work that allows me to afford my life style. But Ludum Dare 18 marked my refocus back onto game development. So I'm coming back in style with three game announcments.


My new major game project is called Kairo. It's going to be a first person 3D exploration and puzzle solving experience. I'm aiming to bring you all a really moody and interesting world you'll want to spend time moving around and figuring out.

If this pans out then this will be my first commercial game project. Screenshots and more details will come over the next month. I'm working on it right now and I'm pretty excited about it.

Inside Job

I took part in Ludum Dare 18, and I had planned to make a game for the 72 hour jam rather than the 48 hour competition. However I found the theme to be very difficult. It was "enemies as weapons" which are two elements not commonly featured in my games. Eventually I came up with a project but it turned out to be way too ambitious.

I took a bit more time on it after the event and have now finished up the game. It's available here on the site.. It's obviously just a minor work for me but I think it has some merits to it.

Let's Typing Some English

Finally I took part in this month's Klik of the Month over at Glorious Trainwrecks. I used my two hours to make what is probably my most unsettling game yet, and it's also a typing tutor. It's obviously primarily a joke game but feel free to check it out on my jam games page.

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