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Italian Antics

So being a glutton for punishment, after I finished Critical Bypass I decided to jump on board for a second Action 52 game. This time I selected Alfredo, which in its original incarnation is a side scrolling action platformer with a chef fighting dangerous ingredients.

Once more unto the broth

I decided I'd go 2D this time thinking it would mean I could turn the project around a lot quicker. In reality it probably took about as much time as Critical Bypass however I am much happier with the results this time around.

I changed the gameplay to metroidvania style which is a genre I'm a big fan of but have never made anything in myself before. I wanted the art style to pay homage to the original and I went for the sharp edges semi-transparent style that I used in Seasons of Changes but this time the art was all drawn by me. Story wise I did something weird with it but you'll have to play it yourself to discover what I mean.

A finished dish

Of my recent games this is probably the one I'm most happy with. It's only about 15 minutes long but it's got more substance and polish than my jam games. It was also a chance to play around with more with mechanical gameplay and level design rather than my usual obsession with interactive storytelling.

I owe a lot of thanks to the people in the Action 52 Owns thread on TIGsource along with Terry who gave me loads of useful feedback in the final phase. Allowed me to polish it up a lot and make tons of subtle improvements that really made the game better.

So what next?

I was tempted to get involved in TIGSources's A Game By Its Cover competition and did a lot of research on a game concept but I've decided not to for the moment. Partly because I'm no longer keen on entereing game competitions as such, I much prefer jams without voting. More importantly though I want to take a break from all these small projects.

Right now I want to build something bigger, like the white chamber was and like Journal was going to be. I'm not 100% decided on which project will win out but there's a bunch in the air at the moment. Whichever it is I want to devote at least 3 months to making something bigger, more substantial.

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