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Locked Door Puzzle goes from mini-studio back to lone developer

It’s with a strange bittersweet feeling that I have to announced after a year of running as a three person mini-studio I have returned to working as a lone indie developer. It’s been tough coming to this decision but I’m absolutely sure it’s the best for everyone.

The decision is the result of a confluence of factors. Money is of course one reason. Despite being super proud of what we did with Journal it didn’t perform anywhere near as well as Kairo and that’s made things harder for us. However were it just about money I’d find a way to make things works. However I left the 9-5 office life over 7 years ago because it was not for me and after a year of trying to make it work it’s still just not for me. Most importantly though I’ve failed in creating an office environment where we worked together well as a team and that’s a huge personal failure on my part.

For people who’ve enjoyed the games I’ve made it’s pretty much business as usual. The projects that were being made before this decision are still being made. Though apart from the upcoming white chamber remake I’ve not actually announced much of the stuff we’ve been working on since Journal. I’m still planning to work with a variety of artists but in contracting arrangements rather than full time salaried jobs.

Melissa is one of the artists I’ll be working with as a contractor, which I know suits her better than the full time arrangement over the past year. Suze however is currently looking for full time employment elsewhere. So if anyone in the Bristol area knows of any admin or finance jobs do let me know and I’ll pass them on to her.

Welcome to the home of Locked Door Puzzle, the independent game development studio of Richard Perrin located in Bristol.

My primary focus is on creating expressive games that explore different forms of interactive storytelling.

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