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Kairo and the end of the tunnel

This is going to be a bit of a dull post since it’s all about the logistics of where I am and when and how you’re getting the game. So please bear with me.

State of the Game

Getting to a beta state has been the hardest thing I’ve had to accomplish but I’ve finally reached that point and I’m now on the home stretch. The game is content complete and fully playable from beginning to end. Getting here has been an immense weight off my shoulders and I am the happiest I’ve been with the state of Kairo in a long time.

I’m not quite ready to release yet as a lot of things still feel very rough to me. What remains now is a lot of polish work to improve everything that’s in there. I’m not anticipating this will be a long process, ideally only a few more weeks, but I’m trying to not rush it out the door.

I find the polishing phase to be one of the most rewarding parts of game development, second only to initial conception and prototyping. Instead of spending time trying to grind out the remaining content, all my time is devoted to making things better for you the player. It’s actually a lot of fun.

Pre-Order Customers

Hopefully I should be sending pre-order customers a version of this beta sometime tomorrow (Friday 7th September). I’ve been ripping out and replacing the clumsy options menus and input manager and putting in a slicker and more flexible system. That should be finished tonight and at that point I’ll be putting out this new beta for you all to try.

In all likelihood this is the only beta version I’ll be sending out. Ideally the next version pre-order customers will be getting will be the actual release version a week before the public release. In all honesty I’d rather people waited for the final release before playing through to the end of the game. However I owe all of you who’ve supported me access to this beta. I know people say “I couldn’t have done this without you” but in truth I would probably have abandoned Kairo were it not for the support I’ve had along the way.

Release Plans

I’ve not decided an actual release date yet but it’s looking like mid-October. I’m going to put it on a handful of different games portals though obviously I prefer if people buy it direct from my website. The initial release will be for Windows and Mac OSX only, however I should be able to put out a Linux version as soon as Unity 4 is properly released.

Post launch I’m planning to also release the game on iOS and Android. I’ve done proof of concept testing to convince me that it can work however the game will need a whole bunch of adjustments so that might take a few months. I’ve also purchased one of the Occulus Rift dev kits so I’m going to add support for that as soon as I have the kit in my hands. I think the Rift is going to be an awesome way of immersing yourself in the world of Kairo.

Finally, the Steam question! Yes I want to be on Steam as much as you guys want to buy it from there. Like everyone else now I have to go through their somewhat controversial Greenlight process. It almost goes without saying but if you want to support Kairo please visit my Greenlight page and vote that you’d like the game on Steam. If the game is accepted by Valve I will make sure that all of you who’ve bought directly from me will get a free code to redeem on Steam.

Right, so that was all very dull but hopefully informative.

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