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Tasty Jams and Flashing

This weekend was TIGJamUK3, a big event for me. TIGJamUK2 at the start of the year was kind of a milestone in me getting back into indie game development properly. I went to this jam a little more confident in my abilities to make games and knowing I was going to meet a lot of really talented people. It did not disappoint.

As always we were cramped in the CB2 Bistro in Cambridge, this time over 30 of us on a hot summer's weekend so it wasn't always the most comfortable affair but it was worth it. Over 100 games were made, most of which can be played over at

High Score

I set something of a record for myself, producing 10 games. You can grab 9 of them my jams page. The final, I'd like to do a bit more work on and put it out as minor project rather than just a jam game.

Of those I made I'm most proud of the morbid exploring game Lithia, the relaxing mood piece Fishing Days and the comedic mischief VMU game Portable Bastard.

Also I'd be remiss if I didn't point how amused with myself I am over Garden of Delight and Find The Trumpet both of which are more jokes than games. Shouldn't always take all this too seriously.

One of Us

While my recent experiments with 3D in Unity have been great and I'm going to continue with them I have known for a while my methods of doing 2D is problematic. I was making Journal in XNA which was taking me forever, and I do jam games in Game Maker which means getting people to play them is usually a real hassle.

So after a lot of discussion around choice of platforms at the weekend I decided to try out Flixel. I downloaded and set it all up last night going through the tutorials as best I could. Then today I managed to port Fishing Days with a few improvements and have put it up on Kongregate:

Really happy with Flixel, much easier and quicker than I was finding XNA. Going to port and improve a few of my 2D jam games while I learn and then think about doing something more substantial with it.

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