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Game Drunks Conference 2011

I'm back from San Francisco after my second time attending GDC. Obviously it was a really great experience and I will definitely be back again next year. I was a bit more prepared than last year with evening plans for every night already arranged, so there was much less milling around wondering what to do.

I met an absolute ton of great people along with seeing the friends I'd made last year once again. The indie love at that event seems to be getting bigger every year. On the night of pre-registration we ended up with like 30+ indies wandering the streets in a herd looking for a bar that would take us all. My only negative is that maybe we planned a little too much partying and I found myself very worn out and hungover on a few of the days.

On the plus side we got a lot more game jamming done this time around with two full days spent in Noise Bridge hacker space as well as a brief dueling game jam with Terry in the Hilton lobby. (I don't think he enjoyed the dueling aspect of it as much as I did ^_^) The two games to come out of those jams are not released yet and I don't know when they will be, but some point soonish. Hopefully.

In terms of what I've learned from this years event it's still a little early to say. As I didn't go to any of the main conference talks and will be catching up with them once they go up on the video vault site. However from the Indie Game Summit the two biggest points I got out of it were:
- I need to make Kairo a hell of a lot more awesome than it is now to reach the high bar other game developers are reaching.
- I was reminded how much I love player expression in gameplay (thinking of games like Deus Ex and Fallout 3) and it's something I need to find time to explore more.

So now I go back to work. I have big plans for Kairo over the next month.

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