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Perrin's 2010 Holiday Treats: Part 1

I've not updated my game development blog in a while and this largely due to a huge amount of activity rather than inactivity. I have been a bit intentionally unfocused over the past month, working on a whole range of projects.

In fact there's too much going on for me to just dump it all in one post. So I've decided up until new years to make a post every few days with something I've been working on. This will include some new games, some remakes, some abandoned WIPs, and a bunch of other bits and pieces. If you follow me on Twitter you'll have seen some of this stuff already, so for the repetition I apologise.

Much of this flourish of activity comes down to me adopting a new tool called Stencyl, which in simplistic terms is like Game Maker for Flash. I'm pretty sure going forward this will be main 2D development tool, while Unity will continue to be my 3D tool of choice.

Let's Typing Some English

First up is a Flash remake of a game that I originally made for Glorious Trainwreck's Klik of the Month. The original was made in 2 hours for the challenge and I took about 6-7 hours to make this new version.

I normally like to wax lyrical about my games but this one really does speak for itself:
Let's Typing Some English - Flash version

Okay so that's it for now. Lots more to come.

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