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Perrin's 2010 Holiday Treats: Part 2

Thanks for all the kind words over twitter about yesterday's game. Glad people enjoyed it. That so many of you hadn't played it does justify to me the time it took to remake it in Flash.

Today's treat is not a remake but a work in progress version of an abandoned game. A few weeks ago I went to a game jam in London called "Everybody Draw Jam" which has a theme a bit more special than our usual jams. Everybody Draw is an event where lots of school kids are given the chance to all draw whatever they want together as a group activity. So the idea of this jam was to take scans of drawings done in those sessions and turn them into games. Ideally games that could be shared with the kids.

Rabbit Girl in the Miracle Zone

The game I was working on was meant to be a homage to old school arcade games like Mappy. After watching a bunch of videos of old arcade games there was a a certain style of platformer games we used to have in arcades that seems to have been lost. I wanted to try and recapture that using the children's drawings.

Sadly I had some technical problems and lost all my work from day 1 of the jam. Although I managed to recreate everything I'd lost, that set back meant I never finished the game at the jam. I had every intention of finishing it the following week. However I just kept getting side tracked with other projects and didn't get back to it before the deadline where it would be shown to the original artists.

At this point I don't really feel like working on this anymore. What's included here is two very rough levels, missing a lot of stuff like sound and the enemy patrol routes can be very buggy. You only really use left and right to play, the arrows will move you up and down automatically. Collect all the cakes and get to the exit to win.

Play Rabbit Girl in the Miracle Zone

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