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Perrin's 2010 Holiday Treats: Part 6

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I've been at my family home working on a few different game projects. Hopefully gonna have a bunch of small - medium length games coming out in January based on the work I've been doing this month. I'll also be hard at work on Kairo once again.

Today's treat is a slightly older one, as I technically released this as month ago. However I didn't blog about it at the time and it's very appropriate for the time of year so it's all you're getting today.

Winter Days

Originally created in Game Maker for the World of Love Jam in London earlier this year, last month I decided to port Winter Days to Flash. Primarily as a way of testing out the Stencyl development tool I've fallen in love with. But I also tidied up the game a little along the way.

It only takes a minute or so to play through this little mood piece. It's not meant to be a full game as such, just a brief experience meant to evoke certain feelings. If you've not seen it before please do check it out:

Winter Days on Kongregate

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