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Perrin's 2010 Holiday Treats: Part 7

Some of you may be aware that for two years I did a podcast called Stage Clear with Rob Fahey a games journalist friend of mine. We ended it at the start of the year with Rob inevitably going to Japan and neither of us having as much time for the show anymore.

The one thing I missed most about the show was the oppurtunity to recommend great games to our listeners. So I wanted to do something special for New Years 2010. Instead of doing the obligatory top 10 list I just picked three games that meant a whole lot to me and talked about why they were worthy of such discussion.

Rob's not involved at all in this as I've not kept in contact since he left the country, so it's just a 15 minute monologue from me. If you're inclined though please feel free to check it out:

Stage Clear New Years 2010 Special

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