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Journal now available on Steam

After roughly 18 months of development Journal has now launched on Steam. (Humble Store launch will also follow later today) It’s a project I’ve been trying to make since 2008 and has only grown more personal and meaningful to me in the time since. I owe a huge thank you to Melissa who came on board and helped make this finally happen, in both her artwork and writing she’s really brought it to life in a way I couldn’t have done alone.

The game is very different from Kairo. Although it’s still an adventure game it’s about as far at the other end of the spectrum as possible. Kairo was a puzzle filled work with the story told through the environment and no written dialogue, while Journal does everything through dialogue and has no puzzles. They’re both experiments, possibly both too extreme in their own ways, but they were the games I wanted to make. I suspect whatever I do next will land somewhere in the middle.

I’m the type of creative person who is never satisfied with their work. I don’t mind that because it always motivates to get better. However it means I’m already looking at Journal and thinking about all the things I wanted it to be that I was unable to deliver. Weirdly though I’m already somewhat proud of what we made and I guess that’s unusual for me. Hopefully that’s a good sign but it’s hard to know if players and critics will connect with it or not.

No matter what happens next I’m really grateful for how lucky I have been with my creative efforts. Not that many people get the opportunities and chances I’ve had to make something full time without any creative restrictions or boundaries. I plan to keep making games and getting better but even if I never release another game I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I got to do what I’ve already done.

Thank you for everyone who’s supported us whether that’s buying our games or being a friend. It’s been amazing.

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