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Journal, Steam and Things

I’ve sort of half heartedly announced on twitter that I’m working on a new game called Journal. You can check out a trailer and screenshots below or over at the game’s microsite. If you’ve followed me for a while you might be aware this has been a sort of off and on again project for me for a long long time, since at least 2008. It’s been ditched multiple times but now it’s finally on track.

The game lies on the other end of the adventure gaming spectrum to Kairo. Journal is about the difficulties of responsibilities of childhood and has no puzzles relying instead entirely on character interaction and dialogue. The focus of the game will be how you choose to deal with the problems faced by a young girl and how your choices affect your relationships with the people in her life.

The art and writing is being provided by Melissa Royall, who I’ve worked with before on a some unreleased jam games. She’s doing a fantastic job as you can see from the trailer. We showed an early alpha on the PAX East 2013 show floor last week and to be honest the response blew us away. I know people say that to be humble but I was totally prepared for people to be bored or disinterested in the game and so couldn’t believe how excited people seemed to be.

I’m also super pleased to announce Kairo is coming to Steam on April 24th. The journey of Kairo is now beginning to come to a close and I think doing so on Steam is only natural, as it’s the biggest platform out there for PC games. If you’ve bought directly from me I will be doing my best to make sure you all get complimentary Steam keys. If you’ve bought through 3rd party sites (other than FastSpring and Humble Store) I may not be able to do the same I’m afraid, will see what I can do. The Steam release will include cloud saving, achievements and a bunch of small improvements based on feedback I’ve had. I’m also trying to get Occulus Rift support in for launch if possible. Basically it will be the definitive edition of the game.

There’s a lot more cool things going on in the background I can’t talk about yet. I don’t fully know everything I’m going to be doing this year apart from Journal but as soon as I have some clearer plans I’ll share them with you guys.

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