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Kairo on the move

Kairo has been available for pre-order for a few weeks now and things have been going really well. We got an absolutely lovely write up by John Walker over at Rock Paper Shotgun which made me very happy as I'm a huge fan of the site.

I'm hugely grateful to all those of you who've pre-ordered so far and especially those of you who've taken the time to email me with your feedback. The nature of indie development is such that I can really take on board what people think about the game and fix up problems I would never have found myself.

July in Brighton

I've also recently been selected for the Indie Showcase at the Develop Conference in Brighton. I'm very excited about this as it's a chance to show the game to a ton of the UK's top developers and publishers and hopefully see what they think of the game.

The lovely folks at Haunted Temple Studios have also had their game Skulls of the Shogun picked for the showcase. Sadly they can't make it over to the UK for the event so I've agreed to run their demo booth as well. So it's gonna be a crazy two days at the conference.

August in Seattle

In return the Haunted Temple guys have offered to give me some of their booth space at PAX Prime. This is probably the most exciting development for me as PAX is a huge event I've always wanted to attend and now I finally have a really good reason to head out there.

Most importantly though is that approximately 70k gamers are gonna be there and hopefully I can coax more than a few of them into trying out Kairo for themselves. Getting the game in front of so many actual players is both a thrilling and daunting prospect so I can't wait to see how that all works out.

September in Beta... hopefully

Obviously on top of all this PR work I am still working on Kairo pretty much 7 days a week right now. I've been doing a huge push to flesh out missing content at the moment and I'll try and post a development update later this week. There's always so much to talk out but I forget to blog because I'm so busy working on the game.

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