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All you need is love... and money

Last Friday I attended an indie game development conference here in London called World of Love 2. I attended last year and it was a really nice (if small) event and this year they've thankfully expanded it allow a lot more people to attend.

There were some really great speakers. Ricky Haggett talking about adding areas for players to "muck about" and Sophie Houlden talking about the importance of surprise both gave me a lot of ideas to think about for improving Kairo. Rob Fearon gave a talk about the difficulties of starting out making games and helping interested people. This was also top notch and has reminded me of some plans I had to include more stuff along those lines to my site. (More on that soon)

Like a few other people I wasn't so keen on all the business talks. I'm kind of happy with my business abilities and am much more interested in hearing about people's games, their opinions on design and the things they're into. However I know a lot of people are very into the numbers so I understand why there was a lot of those talks too.

I'd asked if I could speak at the conference a few months ago and then a few days before the event I got an email from David Hayward letting me know they might be able to fit me in to do a 5 minute micro-talk at the end of the day. So I went there with some slides prepared but in all honesty didn't think they'd be able to fit me in. So I was totally off guard when they announced my name to go up and speak.

So here's a re-recording of the rant session I did:

I've been blown away by such a lovely response I've had to this. Especially from Rob Fearon over on his blog who has been far too kind about it.

So overall was a great day out. I really enjoyed the conference and David Hayward and those involved in setting it up should be very proud.

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