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A decade in the making

With game jams running as short as 2 hours it was quite a bizarre turn of events when back in July a 10 Year Jam was announced over on The Games Collective.

My initial plan had been some stupidly ambitious modular open world explorations story thing. Essentially my dream project. However that plan was filled with difficulties and with the "dream game" it's hard to know even where to begin.

A few months ago I came up with a better idea, to make a series of games that act as an autobiography of my attempts to make games. Ideally releasing a new game once a year to cover what happened over the past year. Sure I could do all that in a blog posts but making it an interactive experience seems to much more interesting and fitting.

Making Video Games / Episode 3 / 2010 / Comeback Tour

So here is my first released episode of this project, covering my experience in 2010. I'm starting at episode 3 because I have some plans for some earlier episodes to cover my history up until now.

Play Online (requires Unity Web plugin)
Download Windows Version (20MB)
Download OSX Version (25MB)

You'll have to bear with me a little because this episode contains not much in the way of actual gameplay. You just kind of explore and discover the history as it unfolds. I wanted this game to repesent this year and this is the kind of thing I've been doing this year. Other episodes are likely to be much more gamey, I know the one revolving around the white chamber will be a point and click adventure.

Welcome to the home of Locked Door Puzzle, the independent game development studio of Richard Perrin located in Bristol.

My primary focus is on creating expressive games that explore different forms of interactive storytelling.

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