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The Locked Door Trinity

I tend to be quite wordy so I’ll start with a quick summary of what’s happening. As of July 1st 2013 Locked Door Puzzle went from being just me making games to three of us. The new team consists of Richard Perrin (me), Melissa Royall and Suzanne Withey. I’ve also moved from London to Bristol and so we’ve setup our own little micro indie studio out here.

I’ve always liked collaborating with other people, my first game “the white chamber” was a three person team with an artist and musician contributing where my skills were lacking. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time on failed collaborations and the design for Kairo came out of that frustration. I wanted a game I could make entirely on my own so its success or failure was in my own hands. In many ways I succeeded in proving to myself I could do it, but the process of working alone took its toll on me and it’s not something I want to do again.

Making games is a very personal thing for me so joining a proper games company has never appealed to me. I’m also not interested in hiring another 10-20 people so I can make big ambitious stuff to compete with the main industry. However I have been running into the limits of what I can do on my own, in both talent and sheer quantity of workload. My hope is that working with a small team will take a lot of work off my back but still allow the work I put out to have a very personal feel to it.

Melissa Royall (@naukhel) has been collaborating with me on Journal for some time but now she’s a full time member of the team. Her primary role is do artwork and writing but she’s also begun to take over some of community management stuff I’ve been totally neglecting.

Suzanne Withey (@SuzeWithey) will be contributing art and music to our games and much to my relief she’s also taking over the company’s financials. I do hate all the time I lose to handling my business affairs and now that’ll all be mine again.

I’m going to continue handling most of the design and programming of our games. However I’m hoping to get Suze and Melissa involved in design as much as possible so that they can bring some of their own personality to the games. Making games has allowed me to express myself to an audience and I’m hoping that’s an opportunity they’ll now have too. Thankfully they’re both interested the same kind of story focused games I love so I think we’re a very like minded team.

In practical terms this isn’t going to change anything for the rest of you. Journal is still on track for completion by the end of the year. The art and writing in it will continue to be produced by Melissa and Suze is composing music to replace the current temp tracks used in the demo. I really should talk about Journal more on here, it’s coming along so nicely.

What we’ll be doing next is still up in the air, there’s a whole load of possibilities and ideas being thrown around at the moment but I don’t want to talk about them more until I actually know we’re going to work on them. However one thing is for certain, this is not the beginning of a process of “staffing up” as I don’t want to be manager of a big company, I want you to the know the people who’re making our games. So feel free to follow them on Twitter and say hello.

Welcome to the home of Locked Door Puzzle, the independent game development studio of Richard Perrin located in Bristol.

My primary focus is on creating expressive games that explore different forms of interactive storytelling.

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