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Announcing the white chamber: remastered

Today we announce our next project “the white chamber: remastered” a remake of our classic sci-fi horror point and click adventure game. Although I don’t want to give an exact release date yet, when I say coming soon I do really mean soon. You can check out more details over on the game’s site: the white chamber: remastered

We’ve been working on this as a side project for a while now and it was only about a month ago I finally got all the things lined up I needed to make this a reality. So now we’re working really hard to get this finished as soon as possible.

I’ve wanted to revisit the white chamber for a long while now. I’m proud with what we did with that game as a bunch of students but some aspects of it have never lived up to my own standards. Also the engine we used, while a great engine, has made it harder for us to port it around for more people to play.

It was important to me that we reformat the originally 4:3 game to 16:9 to suit modern screens, I thought this would be hard but Paul managed to get that done really quickly. He’s also been redoing nearly every single animation in the game up to a much higher standard. The cutscenes are all almost entirely redrawn from scratch. We’re also re-recording the main characters voice acting and trying to work in a bunch of new content without disrupting the original game too much. This will easily be the best version of the game.

Possibly the most controversial change might be that we’re charging for this. The original game was made as our student project and we put it out for free but we’re not students any more and so we need to charge to justify the time we’ve put into this new version. It won’t be expensive, currently planning on a $5 price point so hopefully people will be fine with that.

The game will be released on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux and iOS. Other platforms will hopefully follow.

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