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So today's treat is essentially a PR fluff piece but I'm giving enough free stuff away I'm sure you can deal with it. My primary project is a big game I'm working on called Kairo. It's a first person exploration and puzzle solving game. I'm currently hoping to be done by around April next year with it and it will be my first commercially sold game.

New Trailer

Your treat for today is a brand new trailer for the game. I recorded this based on the build of the game I submitted to the IGF and has a lot of improved scenes over the trailer I posted a few months ago.

Previous Parts

Part 1 - Let's Typing Some English
Part 2 - Rabbit Girl in the Miracle Zone
Part 3 - the white chamber Mac OSX Port

Today's treat is mainly one for Mac users. As I primarily use a Mac now it's important for me to try and get all my games working on the Mac. However my reliance of engines such as Game Maker means this hasn't always proved possible. My current working environment (Stencyl or Unity) means I can now make multiplatform games and I'm making some effort to port some of my older Windows only stuff so more people can play it.

the white chamber - OSX

So today I present to you the Mac OSX version of the white chamber. I added this to the site a few weeks ago but I've only really mentioned it on twitter so far. Of course if you've not already played it and use Windows do please feel free to download that version and give it a shot.

the white chamber was my first substantial finished game and it still stands as my biggest most polished and developed work. That should change with the release of Kairo next year but for now this is some of my most impressive work. It's a point and click sci-fi horror adventure and hopefully you'll enjoy it.

the white chamber - OSX Port
the white chamber - Windows Original

There are some release notes for the Mac version you might want to read:

The Mac OS X version of the game was created using Wineskin which means it's essentially running the Windows version under emulation. Testing I've done seemed to work fine. How I've done it comes with a few restrictions, firstly it requires an Intel Mac running OSX version 10.5 (Leopard) or later and will need a decent graphics card, so not one of the Intel GMA cards. I couldn't arrange an easy way to allow players to switch between full screen and windowed so the game forces full screen.

Previous Parts

Part 1 - Let's Typing Some English
Part 2 - Rabbit Girl in the Miracle Zone

Thanks for all the kind words over twitter about yesterday's game. Glad people enjoyed it. That so many of you hadn't played it does justify to me the time it took to remake it in Flash.

Today's treat is not a remake but a work in progress version of an abandoned game. A few weeks ago I went to a game jam in London called "Everybody Draw Jam" which has a theme a bit more special than our usual jams. Everybody Draw is an event where lots of school kids are given the chance to all draw whatever they want together as a group activity. So the idea of this jam was to take scans of drawings done in those sessions and turn them into games. Ideally games that could be shared with the kids.

Rabbit Girl in the Miracle Zone

The game I was working on was meant to be a homage to old school arcade games like Mappy. After watching a bunch of videos of old arcade games there was a a certain style of platformer games we used to have in arcades that seems to have been lost. I wanted to try and recapture that using the children's drawings.

Sadly I had some technical problems and lost all my work from day 1 of the jam. Although I managed to recreate everything I'd lost, that set back meant I never finished the game at the jam. I had every intention of finishing it the following week. However I just kept getting side tracked with other projects and didn't get back to it before the deadline where it would be shown to the original artists.

At this point I don't really feel like working on this anymore. What's included here is two very rough levels, missing a lot of stuff like sound and the enemy patrol routes can be very buggy. You only really use left and right to play, the arrows will move you up and down automatically. Collect all the cakes and get to the exit to win.

Play Rabbit Girl in the Miracle Zone

Previous Parts

Part 1 - Let's Typing Some English

I've not updated my game development blog in a while and this largely due to a huge amount of activity rather than inactivity. I have been a bit intentionally unfocused over the past month, working on a whole range of projects.

In fact there's too much going on for me to just dump it all in one post. So I've decided up until new years to make a post every few days with something I've been working on. This will include some new games, some remakes, some abandoned WIPs, and a bunch of other bits and pieces. If you follow me on Twitter you'll have seen some of this stuff already, so for the repetition I apologise.

Much of this flourish of activity comes down to me adopting a new tool called Stencyl, which in simplistic terms is like Game Maker for Flash. I'm pretty sure going forward this will be main 2D development tool, while Unity will continue to be my 3D tool of choice.

Let's Typing Some English

First up is a Flash remake of a game that I originally made for Glorious Trainwreck's Klik of the Month. The original was made in 2 hours for the challenge and I took about 6-7 hours to make this new version.

I normally like to wax lyrical about my games but this one really does speak for itself:
Let's Typing Some English - Flash version

Okay so that's it for now. Lots more to come.

I had to take like a month off from doing game dev work to spend some time on the paying work that allows me to afford my life style. But Ludum Dare 18 marked my refocus back onto game development. So I'm coming back in style with three game announcments.


My new major game project is called Kairo. It's going to be a first person 3D exploration and puzzle solving experience. I'm aiming to bring you all a really moody and interesting world you'll want to spend time moving around and figuring out.

If this pans out then this will be my first commercial game project. Screenshots and more details will come over the next month. I'm working on it right now and I'm pretty excited about it.

Inside Job

I took part in Ludum Dare 18, and I had planned to make a game for the 72 hour jam rather than the 48 hour competition. However I found the theme to be very difficult. It was "enemies as weapons" which are two elements not commonly featured in my games. Eventually I came up with a project but it turned out to be way too ambitious.

I took a bit more time on it after the event and have now finished up the game. It's available here on the site.. It's obviously just a minor work for me but I think it has some merits to it.

Let's Typing Some English

Finally I took part in this month's Klik of the Month over at Glorious Trainwrecks. I used my two hours to make what is probably my most unsettling game yet, and it's also a typing tutor. It's obviously primarily a joke game but feel free to check it out on my jam games page.

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