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Perrin's 2010 Holiday Treats: Part 3

Today's treat is mainly one for Mac users. As I primarily use a Mac now it's important for me to try and get all my games working on the Mac. However my reliance of engines such as Game Maker means this hasn't always proved possible. My current working environment (Stencyl or Unity) means I can now make multiplatform games and I'm making some effort to port some of my older Windows only stuff so more people can play it.

the white chamber - OSX

So today I present to you the Mac OSX version of the white chamber. I added this to the site a few weeks ago but I've only really mentioned it on twitter so far. Of course if you've not already played it and use Windows do please feel free to download that version and give it a shot.

the white chamber was my first substantial finished game and it still stands as my biggest most polished and developed work. That should change with the release of Kairo next year but for now this is some of my most impressive work. It's a point and click sci-fi horror adventure and hopefully you'll enjoy it.

the white chamber - OSX Port
the white chamber - Windows Original

There are some release notes for the Mac version you might want to read:

The Mac OS X version of the game was created using Wineskin which means it's essentially running the Windows version under emulation. Testing I've done seemed to work fine. How I've done it comes with a few restrictions, firstly it requires an Intel Mac running OSX version 10.5 (Leopard) or later and will need a decent graphics card, so not one of the Intel GMA cards. I couldn't arrange an easy way to allow players to switch between full screen and windowed so the game forces full screen.

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