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Locked Door Puzzle - Monthly Roundup #2 : August 2013

Our second monthly roundup sadly comes without a free game jam download this time. Towards the end of the month when we would have liked to do our monthly jam all three of us took a few days holiday and so couldn’t fit it in. Still progress is going well on all our projects and here’s a run down of what each of us has been up to.

Perrin (@perrinashcroft)

Still not back on Journal full time yet as much as I’d have liked to have been. Much of my time has been on a project that I still can’t discuss because it’s not been announced yet. As it’s contract work I can’t even really tease what it is but I assure you it’s pretty cool.

However on a more noticeable level I finally released Kairo on the Google Play store for Android. An Android port has been available as an APK download for a while now if you bought through the Humble Store however I struggled to get the Google Play version working for technical reasons. I finally found the time to sit down with the new version of Unity and have another go at putting it out and this time I succeeded.

The downside of this has exposed me to how difficult the fragmentation problem is with Android, as many users were unable to get the game running. As a micro sized team I don’t have the time to even work out which devices the game does or doesn’t run on never mind debugging it. I’m currently on the fence about supporting Android in future just because I can’t guarantee players our games will work and I’m not comfortable with that.

Melissa (@naukhel)

The seemingly never ending march of Journal content continues for Melissa with her working through the environments for Day 4 of 5 this month. From here on out the world of Journal is going to become increasingly bleak as we get towards the end game.

Melissa has also continued to be all over the Kairo community hub on steam answering questions and helping people get the game working.

Suze (@suzewithey)

This month Suze has begun working on the art for a small game project. The idea was to make something relatively small as a test project to get her used to the workflow and challenges involved. I’ll leave the actual game details for another month when it’s finally started to come together, and right now we still don’t even have a name. So instead here’s some samples of the artwork devoid of context.

Suze has also been training up in C# with the hopes that she will eventually be involved in the programming side of things here.


Another month of us all working on different projects, probably not the most efficient way to run a three man indie studio but everything we’re working on is progressing so I’m more than happy with that and it’s only month two. With a bit of luck by next month’s update I’ll be done with my contract work and actually coding on our two real projects.

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