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Take control of the once great, but now shamed, master Chef Alfredo. He has journeyed to the legendary Castle Fettucini to face a challenge no one else has ever mastered. Only through victory can he restore his name.

Explore a metroidvania style castle overcoming silly obstacles and bizarre boss characters to uncover the nonsensical secrets within.


Windows Version (10.6MB)
Game Maker Source Code (8.4MB)

Game is controlled with the arrows, X and C keys.



This is my second remake from Active Enterprises' Action 52 NES compliation as part of the Action 52 Owns project.

The original NES alfredo was a basic action side scroller so I decided to enhance it into a sprawling metroidvania style exploration game. I however tried to keep a lot of the spirit alive with particular attention to the art style of the NES version. I also took inspiration from the Genesis version of Action 52 for the boss sequences.

If you play it through you'll see I also decided to take the story into very weird territory but overall I think this is a fitting tribute to the original.


Original Game
Action 52, Active Enterprises

Richard Perrin

Grandma Platforming Engine
Matt Thorson

Game Maker
Garage Band

Special Thanks
All those from TIGSource who gave feedback


This game and its source code is made available under a Creative Commons license. You can use this in your own work as long as I'm credited.

Creative Commons License

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