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Critical Bypass


Take control of Commander Ford on his desperate journey across the galaxy to save humanity from an overwhelming threat. The game takes places over four epic levels of high speed rail shooter action akin to Rez or Panzer Dragoon.


Windows Version (23.2MB)
Mac OSX Version (27.6MB)
Web Player
Unity Source Code (121MB)

Game is controlled with the arrows and X keys.



This is a remake of game 7 from Active Enterprises' Action 52 NES compliation (video of the original), as part of the Action 52 Owns project.

I have tried to take a very bland top down scrolling shooter and turn it into an epic on the rails 3D shooter akin to Rez or Panzer Dragoon. I've kept a lot of elements from the original, especially in the first level, including the UFO ship following a road attacking coloured blobs and blocks and I've created some music that includes the original melody.

Obviouslly I've added a lot more on top and padded this out to a 4 level adventure taking the player across the galaxy.


Original Game
Action 52, Active Enterprises

Design and Code
Richard Perrin

Character Portraits

Ship Models
Daniel Maland (The 3D Studio)
SolCommand (TurboSquid)



This game and its source code is made available under a Creative Commons license. You can use this in your own work as long as I'm credited.

Creative Commons License

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