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Dreams of how we once were


Explore a series of strange and mysterious islands filled with vinettes that represent moments in time that a young couple spent together. "Dreams of how we once were" is a short interactive story that allows you to physically explore a relationship between two people who were probably not meant for each other.


Windows Version (21.8MB)
Mac OSX Version (21.7MB)
Unity Source Code (46.7MB)



TimeLapse Production Video


I created this game for Ludum Dare #17 a 48-hour game making competition and the theme was Islands.

Having done so many simple 2D games over the previous 6 months for various game jams, I wanted to challenge myself to do something harder and a bit more substantial for Ludum Dare. I decided to make my first 3D game, using a combination of modelling tool SketchUp and 3D engine Unity.

My initial thoughts were to make something like Myst that was about exploring a strange island, but I wanted to try and do it without the tedious puzzles. I quickly decided to go with the relationship angle, where each of the island would represent a different phase of the relationship.

I worked alongside a bunch of other great indie developers in Cambridge that weekend, as we all made our own games but together. It was a great weekend and I was fairly happy with my finished game. You can watch a time lapse video above of what I did over those 48 hours.

The version of the game here on the site has had a bit more work done on it, I've fixed things I wasn't happy with or simply didn't have time to get done. As it's not very strong in traditional game elements I know this isn't something everyone will appreciate. None the less, I hope you enjoy it.


This game and its source code is made available under a Creative Commons license. You can use this in your own work as long as I'm credited.

Creative Commons License

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