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Seasons of Change

Created for TIGSource's Assemblee Competition (Part 2)

The Game

Seasons of Change is a series of four short melancholy interactive stories, all linked by a common theme.

This game was originally created for a competition where the first part was artists and musicians creating game assets and the second part was for designers and developers to make games from those assets.

This is the post-competition version of the game. I've fixed a few problems that came out from competition feedback and made some minor artwork changes that was forbidden by the competition rules.



Art Credits

Andrius (
Dineyin (
Sar (
Arachne (
hammedhaaret (
Markham (
ixis (
pgil (

Music Credits

Craig Stern (

Fake Cover


I usually put my free games under a Creative Commons license but with all the assets from various artists in this game it would probably be a nightmare to arrange that. Also I made this an engine I'd recommend you avoid so the source code would be no help.

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