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Test Subject Infinity


Trapped in a barren test chamber like so many other nameless protagonists. Things are not as fair and even as they might appear and escape, while possible, can only be achieved by attaining a sense of "negative capability".


Windows Version (9.8MB)
Mac OSX Version (9.8MB)
Unity Source Code (10.7MB)



Created for's second games pageant. The theme was "Negative Capability", an idea by John Keats. My interpretation of this concept was that the best creative expression comes from the acceptance that you can't understand and solve everything.

As my typical approach to game design is interactive storytelling I challenged myself to find a way to express this theme using traditional game mechanics. Specifically as a parody of games containing unnamed amnesiac characters solving puzzles in brightly lit test chambers.

I think the game came together quite well and I think my technical implementation of it was as close to my original idea as I was going to get. My main reservations about this game is that my basic idea is a bit gimmicky. I won't spoil the surprise, but see what you think.


This game and its source code is made available under a Creative Commons license. You can use this in your own work as long as I'm credited.

Creative Commons License

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